2018 Priorities

Mental Health

Developing new and innovative approached to how we campaign on mental health within Halton, working closely with local/regional/national organizations to apply the knowledge of hundreds of youth councillors into Halton specific campaign work. We strive for;

  • Quality mental health services
  • Accessible services
  • The understanding of schools and colleges

Developing innovative solutions to tackling the rising level of mental health problems in Halton to demonstrate to decision makers the need for specific change in key areas.

Making connections

Connecting Halton Youth Cabinet with the vast array of organizations across Halton who hold some form of responsibility over the young people in Halton. From shaping services to shared projects we want to be involved. Making links with schools will ensure that our membership remains representative going forward, allowing the views of more young people to be heard. Taking a more active role in Halton Children’s Trust and INVOLVEhalton will further the professional development of our membership.

Balancing the Budget

In the year where the integrated youth provision will go back out to tender, the future which lies ahead is uncertain, we as an organization must show that we can do more with less to ensure that we still exist this time next year. Being careful where we spend money and always looking for the best value for money when purchasing resources. Looking to bring money in through grants for our long-term projects whilst also seeking sponsorship from other organizations will ensure that we can show financial security.